Big Guts 1.5oz – Mud Guts Spinnerbait

Weight: 1.5oz

Blade Configuration: two blades – small Colorado, large Colorado/Willow

Main Target Species: Metre Plus Murray Cod

The Big Guts 1.5oz  is built specifically for targeting metre plus Murray Cod! It is a perfect dam and lake lure that can be both cast and trolled. The best technique is to cast them to the rocky and timber lined banks. Extremly snag resistant and sink at the perfect speed for fishing in both shallow water and deep.

These lures also come rigged with a stinger hook and a large curl tail grub plastic that is extremely tough.

They are built with an extremely tough lead head that with withstand rocks and logs. Strong and durable wire and super sharp Mustand hooks. These lures can easily withstand catching fish after fish.

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This range comes in 54 different colours.

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