Standard Willow 5/8oz – Mud Guts Spinnerbait

Weight: 5/8oz

Blade Configuration: two blades – small Colorado, large Willow

Main Target Species: Murray Cod and Golden Perch

The Standard Willow 5/8oz is the perfect option from the Mud Guts range for fishing fast flowing water. They are a perfect size for almost every situation and are specially designed far casting in rivers with current for both Murray Cod and Golden Perch.

The Willow blade will catch less water, allowing it to sink quicker and reaching the strike zone. Perfect option for fishing below weirs and dams and shallow areas that have a lot of current flow. They also work well when the fish are spooky as the Willow blade produces less pulse under the water.

This lures comes in two different blade configurations, for colorado blade setup click here.

They are built with an extremely tough lead head that with withstand rocks and logs. Strong and durable wire and super sharp Mustand hooks. These lures can easily withstand catching fish after fish.


This range comes in 54 different colours.

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