Quaddie 5/8oz – Mud Guts Spinnerbait

Weight: 5/8oz

Blade Configuration: four blades – two small Colorado, two large Colorado

Design: Twin Arm

Main Target Species: Murray Cod and Golden Perch

The Quaddie 5/8oz  is built specifically for targeting Murray Cod and Golden Perch. With four blades it produces a lot of flash, thump and vibration in the water, perfect for attracting a hungry fish.

It is designed for use in rivers and creeks in slow flowing water as it sinks slowly and holds in the water column. This allows the fish time to look at your lure and keeps it in the strike zone. They can also be used in lakes and dams when fishing the shallow margins (less than 5m).

The duel arms make it one of the most snag resistant spinnerbaits on the market. With two arms it allows it to ride through the structure with ease and is more snag resistant than a standard single arm spinnerbait.


They are built with an extremely tough lead head that with withstand rocks and logs. Strong and durable wire and super sharp Mustand hooks. These lures can easily withstand catching fish after fish.


This range comes in 54 different colours.

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